Top tips on lighting your home

Top tips on lighting your home

Lighting can change the way we look at a space, using light and shade to create a different atmosphere depending on how you intend it. It can be functional whilst still allowing your personal style to shine through.

Here are our ‘Five top tips on lighting your home’ to transform how your home looks and feels.

Use Natural lighting

In some cases, ‘less is more’ so apply this to natural light, use it to your advantage by avoiding adding unnecessary extra light to already lit areas. In doing so you can see what can be illuminated naturally. Sunlight in any form has many visual benefits such as making any space look slightly larger and giving it more vibrancy to the colours in the room. Once the naturally lit areas have been identified lights can then be layered with additional floor, celling, and side lights to enhance the space and environment.

Light for Function

Before getting creative it is a good idea to start with functionality, ensuring that lights are in the necessary places and doing exactly what you want them to do. This could be to highlight certain features, lighting appropriate for a table or to create a certain mood. Whatever it is should be thought out so you can ensure it works for the tasks you do. For example, for cooking downlights would be the most suitable providing concentrated lighting for food safety and to take the strain off your eyes.

Create focal points

Focal points essentially draw people into what seems a more inviting space e.g., this would be used at the dining table. Similarly, lighting can be used to highlight or accentuate certain interesting features in your home such as key possessions, artifacts, and art. This can be done with a multitude of different types of light sources such as spotlights, low hanging pendent lights. Be creative!

Lighting as Art

This is where you can choose to have your lighting blend in with the theme or be as bold and crazy as you want making a statement. These designs can have many features including sculptural shapes, interesting textures, or coloured glass or amazing impactful wall lighting so that even when the lights are off, they remain an art piece adding the WOW factor to any room.

Light in layers

Use multiple light sources and layer lighting to create ambiance and make a room versatile. It allows you to make the most of the room’s space using lights of different shapes and sizes. This could be done using already layered side lamps or making the most of floor and ceiling lights making your own layers. This allows you to adapt the lighting based on the time and atmosphere you’re wanting to create. This image uses multiple light sources in combination with natural light. In the evening when these sources are the only light sources, they can create amazing mood lighting if used in combination dimmers.

Use our five top tips to experiment and be creative with your home – Light is like art – it can paint a space in many ways, with many techniques.


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