Quick Bedroom Makeover

Quick Bedroom Makeover

A simple way to transform your bedroom is the addition of a headboard, rugs and subtle lighting.

Headboard and Wall Panel Headboards

A headboard adds depth, texture, colour and style.  It is a quick and affordable way to glam up your room and 

transform an otherwise plain wall into a real feature.


There are lots of design options that can be further personalised with the choices of fabrics and colours.


Floor to ceiling or wall to wall headboards add a real statement, many designers also often use those 

as wall panels with a further headboard in front of the wall panel in complimentary colour schemes.


At Divine Interiors we make all our beds and headboards in our factory here in Spain and with our 

interior designers we are able to come up with a design, size and colour scheme that is personal to you 

and your bedrooms, all at an affordable price.



Rugs add real warmth and texture.  There is nothing nicer than stepping out of bed in the morning into a nice thick shaggy rug, especially here in Spain where most flooring is cold tile.


Rugs come in many shapes, sizes, colours and textures, so not hard to find one that compliments your style and bed and bedding choices.


Many people go for what is termed a 'bed runner' - these are generally smaller rugs of about 80x150cm and you place one either side of the bed, if placed slightly under the bed it can give the illusion of a much larger rug as if it was under the bed.


Rugs give texture, colour, depth and warmth to a room, they also help dampen echo acoustics making a room feel homely rather than hollow and cold.


Lighting can never be over emphasized in bedroom interior design.


It is important to get the lighting colour correct first.  Lighting (of all types) has a colour, the lower the number the more yellow (warmer) the light, so a 4000k light is a warm yellow and a 6500k is a white cold light.  In a bedroom you generally want warmer colours so aim for 4000-4500 colour temperature bulbs.


Light bulbs then come with another value, their watts, this is a measure not of just how many watts of electricity they will consume, but, their intensity.  A 60w bulb is brighter than a 15w bulb.  Low energy bulbs usually give their traditional value wattage.  Unless your lighting is all on dimmers it is generally better in a bedroom setting to have more lower watt lighting than few high watt bulbs.   A few lamps, and wall lights placed around a room in a nice warm tone with a low watt will give real depth and a truly cosey feel to your bedroom.



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